Why Machines and Robots are Taking Over the World!


Do not panic, the machine uprising is not what you expected from all those science fiction films. There will be no attacks from droids or clones, no transforming, and certainly no terminating. You might be wondering how I can be so sure, and it is because the machine uprising is now, they are taking over the world. Think of all the gadgets you have in your home right now and the smart devices you cannot live without. Artificial intelligence is a pivotal part of our society; from the robots who manufacture cars and deliver parcels to the machine learning technology that protects you from cybersecurity and even helps you play your favorite music when you are cooking. Machines and robots are fully integrated into our lives, and we could not live without them.

Machine Learning

At their simplest, machines are created to perform a function or an action, such as heating your food, allowing you to catch up on the news, or even helping you get from point A to B. But as our skills and abilities have improved, technological advances have meant that machines can do so much more. We have turned our attention to making our machines smart, in a process known as machine learning. Computers are taught to find trends in data, whether this is a bunch of numbers to detect fraud or by detecting a familiar face so you can tag your friend easier on social media. Machine learning is also used within medicine to speed up diagnosis and determine the genetic makeup of nasties, such as viruses and bacteria. We rely on this artificial intelligence daily, even in our own homes where our virtual assistants can tell us how to fix our broken chair or remind us that our brother needs to be picked up from the airport.

While machine learning systems have been able to discreetly find their way into our everyday lives, robots in our living rooms remain somewhat intimidating. However, most of us do not need them to be, we need them at work. Robots are used primarily in manufacturing where they can work as part of a factory line to ensure each piece is made the same as the last and in a fraction of the time, it would take us. Smaller robots such as drones can act as messengers, photographers, and security with some having the added advantage of flight for even faster traveling. They are constant helpers, whether speeding up your business or helping move your elderly relative from their bed to a chair. Robots are used throughout the world and their potential uses are endless. It might not be long until you invite one into your home!

Can machines be trusted

Yes, machines and robots are taking over the world, one task at a time. While the suspicious among you may not be too keen on the idea of these devices and programs having access to all this information, including your details, they can be trusted because they have been programmed for that purpose. They will not get distracted in their work or forget to do a task because we have made them efficient. Granted, they might have a few sick days due to pesky bugs and viruses, but they work hard for us and expect nothing in return. So, while they are not going to turn on us and have a proper uprising anytime soon, I think it is only fair to say thank you to your machines every once and a while. After all, they have taken over so that we can spend more time enjoying the world around us.

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